The Marketplace Story

It began as a “WOW” moment. 
Women for Orphans Worldwide (WOW) is the national auxiliary for Orphan Outreach that began in the summer of 2009, when thirteen mothers and daughters traveled on an Orphan Outreach team to serve in Guatemala.  That short-term mission trip became the catalyst for life-change. After seeing the overwhelming needs in the children’s homes and communities they visited, the teens asked if they might return home and invite their friends and family members to get involved in making a difference.  And so, WOW was born. The auxiliary has built physical therapy rooms for children with special needs, equipped computer labs for schools serving impoverished communities, installed stoves and clean water systems in homes, and they’ve built play areas for little ones. And since then, they’ve gone back every year. WOW is hands-on hope. It’s life-changing impact for the families being served, as well as both the adults and teens that serve them. It provides the opportunity for families to serve together.  

WOW members fell in love with the people of Guatemala, and they also discovered the timeless beauty of the handcrafted artisan goods they would find throughout the country. Nativities and other products soon decorated the homes of women throughout Texas, and a limited assortment of items were included in fundraisers for the auxiliary. As artisan friendships grew in Guatemala, so did the popularity of the beautiful products. And in 2020, Orphan Outreach Marketplace was born—a social business supporting the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children Orphan Outreach serves around the world while providing dignified work and fair wages to Guatemalan artisans.  
Orphan Outreach Marketplace has been on a transformative journey ever since, blossoming into both an online and live event destination. Today, it stands as a beacon of empowerment for our dedicated artisans. It provides them with the opportunity to weave, bead, carve, and live out their faith, highlighting the profound ways the Lord has touched their lives.  Orphan Outreach Marketplace has become a powerful conduit, allowing their stories of hope to resonate far and wide, creating a ripple effect of inspiration and transformation in the lives of all who encounter their work. And best of all, Orphan Outreach Marketplace invites you into the lives of both the Guatemalan artisans and the children served by Orphan Outreach in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. With every purchase, you restore hope.