Re I joice Evergreen and Pine Scented Candle

At Orphan Outreach Marketplace, we believe in restoring hope to the children, families and artisans we serve. So, we created our Re | store collection. The prefix ‘re’ is a Latin root meaning ‘again and again,’ indicating repetition. We are carefully curating this collection across multiple product lines, and it is our hope that it will remind each of us…again and again, to love, serve, and pray for those close to us as well as those a world away.

Let the aroma of evergreen and pine get you in the mood for December days. The fragrance of our Re | joice candle hits every joyous note and will fill your home with warmth as you create holiday memories. And remember, your candle purchase makes a double impact- it allows Orphan Outreach to support orphaned and vulnerable children and funds programs to end human trafficking in the United States.


  • Scent is a premium fragrance based on essential oils
  • Size- 12 oz. vessel/9.25 oz. wax weight/50+ hours burn time
  • Material- Soy Wax
  • Fragrance notes: evergreen, cypress, pine
  • Hand poured
  • Size dimensions: 3 ½” tall with a 3 ¼” diameter
  • Every candle is festively wrapped

Candle know-how:

  • Wick trimming: keep your wick ¼” long for optimum burn time.
  • Allow for a melting pool to develop: Your initial light is the most important light!
  • Burn your candle long enough to melt the wax completely to the edge of the vessel. This will ensure your candle will not burn in a tunnel.
  • Enjoy with care: do not burn your candle unattended and be cautious handling the vessel as it will get hot while burning. Keep away from small children and animals.

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