Edgar's Pastel Nativity- Shades of Cream

This Guatemalan artisan calls his special, hand-carved, hand-painted nativities, “births,” and how perfectly fitting.  These are so lovely and will make a holiday statement in any room.  You won’t find these anywhere else as we work directly with our artisan carver and painter to customize the paints to create a softer pastel palette.  We could not love them more and know you will too.  Display them on a mantel, under your Christmas tree or as the center piece to your holiday table.


  • Each birth comes with 5 figures, 2 animals and baby Jesus
  • They are hand-carved and hand-painted
  • Approximate size dimensions: tallest figure is 9”
  • As with anything handmade, each piece is unique and there will be slight variations in size, color and design

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