Meet Our Artisans

Our relationship with our artisans is important to us. We restore hope the moment we begin designing with them all the way to when you receive your pieces of art, making each item more than just a product, but a story of hope and restoration. These stories tell of how the Lord has moved in their lives and provided in countless ways.


Edgar’s childhood dream wasn’t that of being an artisan. Rather, he studied to become engineer. But a series of life events—and a newfound faith in Jesus—moved Edgar to consider painting as more than a hobby and he now uses his passion to help newly freed men face the challenge of reintegration into society. Through his prison ministry, Edgar spends quality time with these men by teaching them valuable wood-working skills and sharing the Gospel with them.

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Artisans of San Juan


Ana and her sisters created their textile company in 2013, working with artisans and communities in Guatemala to produce high-quality goods from sustainable, handwoven textiles and sell them across multiple channels.

Their goal is to empower artisans and create prosperity for local communities in Guatemala by celebrating their cultural heritage and textile skills passed from mother to daughter for generations.

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Atitlan artisans

Alvaro & Rosario

Alvaro and Rosario are a dynamic brother and sister team that share our same philosophy about families caring for families, the community, and economic development by employing several artisans in their mission to inspire hope and share the beauty of their home through their handcrafted jewelry and accessories.

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Nelly y familia


Nelly remembers when she first learned about the value of hand-crafted beauty. Her father passed away, and she and her mother made small worry dolls to sell in the mercado so the family could have food and a safe place to call home.

Now, Nelly and her family employ over 150 artisan families to ensure those families also have the essentials of life. Nelly and her family share the same vision as Orphan Outreach Marketplace in restoring hope.

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The sisters

Angelica y Ermelinda

"Working with people like Orphan Outreach, who have the same mindset we have about helping and serving others, is an accomplishment for us a family. We are very proud of how much it has changed our lives and other's lives too.

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