Bowl and Scoop
Handcrafted using coffee root, this bowl and scoop will stand the test of time. The pair has endless uses; at the bar for lemons and limes, or on a counter for candies or nuts. We source our wood products from talented artisan carvers located outside the city of Antigua, Guatemala. They use tropical wood that comes from sustainable coffee farms. As coffee plants only produce coffee for eight years, the artisans can use these roots to create one-of-a-kind wood products instead of burning off the roots. Each coffee root is unique and is expertly shaped entirely by hand. Your purchase empowers our artisans and supports the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children.

  • Coffee root is food safe
  • Avoid extreme dryness or moisture
  • Approximate size dimensions: tall x wide
  • Care instructions: hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry upon cleaning; apply vegetable oil occasionally
  • As with anything handmade, each piece is unique and there will be slight variations in size, color and design

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